Opportunity and Our Culture

We are all looking for the next great opportunity. Be it in life or at the office, we are always on the lookout. Opportunity is an essential part of our culture. Our flat management structure allows you to have access to anyone, anytime. What that really means is that each member of our team always has the opportunity to influence the direction of the company.

Everyone has a voice and those voices are always heard. Momentum Loans is a place where you have the opportunity to grow and develop in a way that few companies offer.

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"Working at Momentum is “helpful and friendly.” By that I mean that everyone is focused on getting the work done for the customer. Everyone has a common goal of being helpful and accommodating to the customer’s unique needs and wants, while also being friendly to avoid unnecessary stress."

- Steve Carlson

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"Momentum Loans is a great place to work because the of culture and the people. With the borrowers best interest as a top priority, employees are able to work in a cohesive manner to get the borrower a home loan."

- Mikah

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"Momentum Loans is truly a “one team, one goal” environment”. I am new to the team, but I am beyond thrilled to be part of such an amazing team! Everyone works together to achieve a common goal, take care of the customer (internal and external). "

- Monica

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"I’ve been in the mortgage business for almost 30 yrs. and can honestly say this is the best place I’ve ever worked. The work is the same no matter where you go, but it’s the people and the culture in the work place that make all the difference. I really feel like I’m among good friends all day. Everybody works hard to make the processes go smoothly and everyone treats each other with respect and kindness. I love the work/ life balance that I get with Momentum. We have all the holidays off and we also get our birthday off – that’s huge for me because personal time is essential. The management team at Momentum is supportive – of the employees and each other and I LOVE that! Any employee can go to any manager for help or support at any time. I never want to work any place else."

- Shelly

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"Getting a mortgage isn’t easy and neither is working in the industry but knowing at the end of the day that you’re helping someone get into a home they love and feel safe in is all worth it. To know you have helped someone accomplish their dreams and working with the Momentum team to make that happen is so rewarding. I love working for Momentum Loans because we work as a team to accomplish dreams."

- Sky